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Our Centers

"Let us bring jobs to the villages and not villages to the jobs" 

Murali Vullaganti










RuralShores' business model has been created to ensure scalability and sustainability of its operations by creating real value, not only for the shareholders, but for all stakeholders and to have a positive contribution to the communities in which it functions. Hence utmost care is taken to ensure the standardization of the centers across the landscape of India.

Most of our rural centers are fully owned by RuralShores. However, for few, the investment in infrastructure (land, building, equipment) is made by our partners (rural entrepreneurs) while RuralShores manages the business. The ownership model has however no bearing on business of RuralShores.

Center Locations

The selection of the location is very vital so that the core objective of RuralShores is achieved.
The following defined parameters help us in selecting a Center:

  • Small town or a large village (15,000 – 40,000 population size)

  • Easily accessible by road from all surrounding villages

  • Reliable power supply

  • Availability of two broadband service providers

  • Availability of sufficient resources and less prone to natural calamities

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