Employee Social Responsibility

RuralShores has instituted social performance monitoring for all stakeholders and will continue to measure its performance on defined metrics at regular intervals. Its rural delivery centres impact the rural community in the following ways:

  • Provides employment to the rural population and improves their skills set
  • Creates a new means of livelihood to an under-served population
  • Provides Individual income which can support family needs and higher education for youth
  • Stimulates economic activity leading to better infrastructure around the region and hence improve living conditions in these areas
  • Helps in improving literacy- Given the door-step employment opportunities, people will be motivated to send their children to schools
  • Helps to arrest avoidable migration of rural youth to urban areas

RuralShores has mandatory guidelines to collectively perform social responsibility activities at the village. These include participating in blood donation camps. Our centre employees have also visited an orphanage, old age home and school for mentally challenged children to do charitable activities.